How To Fix Website Loading Time and Speed Up Firefox

Speed Up Firefox

Everyone wants web sites and web pages to load faster, there really isn't anything more time wasting then waiting for a web site to load up, it really comes down to three main factors, your web

Laptop Battery Not Charging


I was working on my laptop via the power supply. I decided to go work in front of the TV and disconnected the power cord. After 30 minutes, I received a battery low error so I decided to charge the

Get Access to Hidden Windows 7 Settings


The Windows 7 “Win7GodMode” is a term dubbed by the Microsoft team as a single point of access to make any alterations on your computer. This ranges from the Action Center to Windows update. The

DVD Drive Not Recognized

DVD Not Recognized Error

I was trying to burn a DVD but the software did not detect my DVD drive. In Windows Control Panel, there was a yellow exclamation beside my DVD Drive. I checked the device status and it said "Windows

How Can a Registry Cleaner Speed Up Your Computer?


What Is A Registry Cleaner? To be simple a registry cleaner is a piece of software that you install on your computer to clean your registry – this is obvious!  The registry on your computer is

Bring Back Recovery Console in Windows 7

Recovery Console in Windows 7

Windows XP had a recovery console and it was very useful. It allowed you to repair the master boot record, repair boot sectors and more useful tasks. Windows Vista automated the recovery console and

Block Friends from The Facebook Chat

Block Facebook Chat

Would you like to block annoying Facebook friends from the Facebook chat and have no idea how to do it? Here is an easy way to block so-called friends.