Fix and Restore Corrupted Folder Options Advanced Settings

Windows is prone to attack by viruses which work by disabling most of the significant utilities and create a lot of trouble for the users. Mostly the viruses originating from Indonesia are the real

Remove the Send Feedback Link from the Title Bar in Windows 7

In Windows 7, when you open a window you get a Send Feedback link appearing in the Title Bar. This might be annoying if you are regularly opening multiple windows. Here’s how to get rid of it in beta o

How to Create a Shortcut Menu for Safely Removing Hardware

How many times you have corrupted your drives just because of not using the option ‘Safely remove hardware’. I am sure a couple of times at least. If you work regularly with USB drives and are not usi

Can you open Hotmail in Firefox browser?

If you are using Firefox browser, most probably you might be facing difficulty while opening Hotmail inbox. Due to this problem, I started using Google Chrome in combination with Mozilla Firefox.

How to uninstall or remove Windows Defender in Vista

Windows Defender is an anti-spyware product from Microsoft which prevents and removes spyware in Microsoft Windows. It was originally known as Microsoft Anti Spyware. It is available for free download

Display “My Computer” icon on the desktop

Windows default My Computer icon is not displaying on the desktop. We will present you quick and easy methods to make it appear.

Fix missing tabs and menu options in Windows Task Manager

There would have surely been instances when while opening or running Task manager you’d notice that the task manager top-level menu bar and tabs would not be visible i.e. they would be missing. To fix

Download daa to iso converter

Would you like to convert .daa to an .iso format you can mount or burn with your burning software? Using this tool is probably the fastest free way to convert .daa to files with an .iso extension.

Uninstall programs that do not appear in the add or remove

It hardly takes us time to install a program but at the same time when it comes to uninstalling these same programs we could come across a whole range of problems right from the program not being

How to set up a free POP3 and SMTP for Hotmail or Windows Live?

Microsoft Hotmail ( has now finally added POP3 and SMTP support for all users of their Hotmail email service. Earlier this facility was available only for those users who were using the paid

Fix show hidden files and folders problem

The most exasperating experience we can ever go through is when our computer crashes or causes trouble due to virus. These trojans can actually hide themselves into the system and cause trouble enough

Best free way to find and recover lost files from any memory device

Most of us would have surely had an experience of having lost our data at some time or the other. It could have been a personal file that had got deleted from the hard disk or our very important