Best 5 Registry Fix and Repair Tools

Is your computer is running slow lately and you are facing software problems you have no idea how to fix? The most common reason for Windows slowness and software errors is registry corruption which requires advanced computer knowledge to understand. But the good news is; it can be easily fixed with using correct registry fix tool. Since there is many registry fix software available on the internet, also known as registry cleaner tools, we decided to test and review best registry repair tools available on the internet.

Before we present testing results, let’s go through basic sings of broken or corrupted Windows registry:

  • ActiveX Warnings
  • Internet Slowness
  • Computer Freezes
  • Disabled Task Manager and Services
  • Internet Explorer Errors
  • Exe Errors
  • System32 Errors
  • Messenger Errors
  • Repeating Error Warnings
  • Windows Crashes
  • Memory Dump Errors
  • Decreased Computer Performance
  • DLL and Runtime Errors
  • Slow Windows Booting
  • Programs Won’t Run
  • Invalid File Extension

Registry Easy Review

Registry Easy
Registry Easy is our first choice when it comes to registry fix tools. This software is here to fix corrupted registry, data and boost your system performance, and also slightly tweak up your computer. Do not expect Registry Easy to repair all your software errors or magically boost your computer on level of a plan. But it sure will speed up the system and fix most unwanted annoyances.

If you work with computers at home, or even professionally you have probably installed many tools or other software at your operation system. I wouldn’t be surprising that you would like your Windows to work as it once was, as freshly installed system! If you want keep your computer in good condition you need to do “housekeeping” often enough. Registry Easy is your easy solution to get ride of most errors and help you reach highest possible computer performance!

Download Registry Easy: downloadRegistry Easy(4.7 MB, 6,494 downloads)

Registry Easy Review

ACA Utilities Review

ACA Utilities
ACA Utilities is a package of all software you will ever need for computer care. ACA Utilities also includes our winning registry fix tool, Registry Easy! For $12 more you get extra 14 products to help you fix all kind of pc errors and increase computer safety! After all ACA Utilities is more than what Registry Easy is offering, although we were testing registry fix tools we simply couldn’t miss this is hell of a package everyone should have!

When reading Registry Easy Review, you will find that most registry cleaners don’t even come close to its performance and usability to maintain your Windows. And ACA Utilities gives you even more than that! Here is the list of what ACA utilities we like the most:

  • Registry Easy – Best registry fix tool available on the market.
  • Spyware Cease – Useful anti-spyware software to grant additional protection.
  • Recoveryer – Get your deleted files back in previous condition.
  • Easy Launcher – Helps you speed application runtime.
  • Convert Genius – This tools is all-in-one media converter.

Conclusion; you get amazing software package with value over $320 for only $47, including best registry tool – Registry Easy!

Visit ACA Utilities: downloadACA Utilities(4,329 hits)

ACA Utilitiesy Review

XcomTools Review

XcomTools was the biggest competitor to Registry Easy, and we need to say it really exceeded our expectation and almost became our next favorite registry cleaner! If you look at overall rating we gave XcomTools you will see it’s top quality among the similar tools.

In terms of built-in features, is XcomTools quite similar to Registry Easy, with one-click repairs, junk file scanner, duplicate file finder to save some disk space, shortcut repair, junk file cleaner, net-monitoring, operation system optimizer, internet fix tool and start up manager, and much more! Sometimes we noticed that XcomTools found more errors than Registry Easy, so you can’t go wrong with any of these tools. We give ti five of five!

Download XcomTools: downloadXcomTools(5.7 MB, 3,998 downloads)

Registry Easy Review

Registry Winner Review

Registry Winner
Registry Winner is high trusted registry cleaner, although it’s not the very best registry software, but we are satisfied with its ability to explore and repair massive errors. There are options that will help you tweak your computer’s working performance! Registry Winner has many different built-in tools to repair and optimize your Windows registry settings. If you are constantly running out of memory, this tool will automatically defrag your ram along with disk space.

However if you want more system speed than number of features we advise you try Registry Winner. Otherwise we highly recommend you to go with ACA Utilities as they include best registry cleaner – Registry Easy.

Download Registry Winner: downloadRegistry Winner (2.6 MB, 2,749 downloads)

Registry Winner Review

RegCure Review

RegCure has been on the computer security market for more than three years. It doesn’t have so many features as registry cleaners reviewed above, but it does its job very well – to clean the mess and fix most common errors from your computer with single mouse click.

RegCure works well on Windows XP, Windows Vista and even Windows 7 so as other top registry tools we have reviewed. We would recommend this tool to users who don’t want to deal with so many options, but would like to increase system performance.

It’s free to try, anyhow for more pretension users it’s better to go with tools as Registry Easy or even better, ACA Utilities.

Download RegCure: downloadRegCure(2.0 MB, 1,356 downloads)

Registry Winner Review


  1. help to speed up mine too

  2. Registry Easy did the *REVERVE* for me. Now my machine crawls!!

  3. Crazy Cajun says:

    I also prefer reg easy. It works great since its first release.

  4. I wanted to update you I got myself registry easy like most of you already recommended. I hope they update their design because it’s little bit outdated. But the tool is good and it does its job well.

  5. Downloading and testing..

  6. i think it made my pc startup faster

  7. ritazhang says:

    I am just testing Reg Easy :))

  8. iLgiNcH says:

    Yes dear Riste.. Iam a windows performance expert.
    Registry winner is a real scam. The worst registry tool ever seen before. It’s very easy to crash windows system with this bullshit tool. For the others i haven’t a command, couse i didn’t used an tested before.

  9. Registry Winner is scam because there is other “tool” (malware) that is with the same design and interface and it’s called Registry Victor.It’s scam!

  10. malik salim says:

    thanks dudes

  11. @Vivid
    it worked perfectly on my end as well!

  12. tonyjang says:

    It found errors on my notebook.. I will upgrade regeasy to full version.

    It’s a really great app!

  13. perfect.. this is what i needed : )

  14. Reg easy is a powerful tool even my gf uses it on her laptop and it’s running smoothly

  15. i think reg easy helped my windows

  16. Anonymous says:

    Registry easy >>>>>> any other reg tool

  17. CCleaner might also be a good registry cleaner, but I prefer ACA Utilities with their main tool, Registry Easy.

  18. Simon S. says:

    Peter Berry-Paxton :
    Is RegistryBooster a good software?

    Well, ACA Utilities with Registry Easy are the best from what I’ve heard and read! ;)

  19. Peter Berry-Paxton says:

    Is RegistryBooster a good software?

  20. a cant log into msn

  21. Mr. Donald duck says:

    It fixed my Windows Messenger login issues. Thanks a lot!

  22. bill :
    before purchasing ,, i would like to know if this solves very very slow loading and stopping and starting buffering every 2 or 3 seconds

    Registry cleaners usually fix error related issues and slow Windows.

  23. before purchasing ,, i would like to know if this solves very very slow loading and stopping and starting buffering every 2 or 3 seconds

  24. My wife says they have been using ACA Utilities in her office for more than a year and never had troubles with the Windows.

    We also bought it for our home pc.. and Windows are running smoothly with no error popups displaying anymore.

  25. One more vote for ACA Utilities. It fixed my Windows!!

  26. Charles L Davis says:

    ACA Utilities + Registry Easy = Ultimate Tool for Windows!

  27. yyeyeyeye

  28. @Dirk Diggler

    What I can say is that I have really good experience with XcomTools, but I believe any of those top three registry repair tools such as Registry Easy or ACA Utilities, XcomTools and even Registry Winner should be able to find and repair your desktop error.

    XcomTools is keeping my computer in a really good shape. So I can recommend this tool ;)

  29. Dirk Diggler says:

    got a prob where my desktop wont show (start up bar and icons)

    will any of these fix that problem? cause i tried everything..except reinstalling windows

  30. I would prefer regeasy which is just awesome.. nice compilation :)

  31. Registry Easy with ACA Utilities is perfect choice to make your Windows running more secure and smoothly.

  32. It’s good that you can test software for free before buying it :)

  33. superlicious says:

    One more vote for Registry Easy, or even better ACA Utilities if you have some extra money. You won’t regret it.

  34. I can recommend Registry Easy. Solved all my start up errors and my comp is a lot faster altogether now. It’s a straight forward tool to use and helped me fix my problems pretty much instantly.

  35. Marcos :

    I’ve read your review, I decided to choose Registry Easy, but I have a question before I purchase it.

    Is it safe to use registry cleaner?

    That’s why registry tools are made for. They won’t do any harm to your computer, opposite – in most cases they will speed it up along with fixing your Windows registry. Even if they do unwanted change, they all have backup option, which can be easily restored with a single click.

    To make it clear, top registry tools are completely safe to use.

  36. @Cnothing

    I can confirm that download works fine… I installed registry easy couple of minutes ago.. so far so good :)

  37. None of them downloads for me. I click download and nothing comes up.

  38. I’ve read your review, I decided to choose Registry Easy, but I have a question before I purchase it.

    Is it safe to use registry cleaner?

  39. I’ve got Registry Easy as you guys recommend.

    After running this tool I am able login to Windows Live Messenger again with no errors popping up.

    Thanks a lot ^^

    Kris :)

  40. KeepTech99 says:


    I agreee RegCure sucks comparing to Registry Easy! No much extra words needed.

  41. I was using RegCure till 2007 then I changed with XcomToolsr. It was major change. Tool has way more functions than RegCure and it’s much easier to use. So I think that XcomTools is probably best registry fix tool or maybe right after Registry Easy.

    If I ever change it, I will give Registry Easy or maybe even ACA Utilities a try :)

  42. Registry Easy saved my life… Windows is now loading with no startup errors!

  43. Samuel Adams says:


    From my experience ACA Utilities is best choice for you, but mostly because of Registry Easy included in the package. After all if you cannot afford ACA, download and try Registry Easy. I can assure you it won’t let you down.

  44. So you say ACA Utilities are best we can get?

  45. On my notebook I am using RegCure which looks like shit comparing to other tools you have reviewed. Maybe it’s time to change a fixer :)

  46. tripplizor says:

    ACA Utilities all over!! :)

  47. Exactly what I needed… Registry Easy seems to fixed startup errors I had with Windows XP.


    Donn L.

  48. TechFreak says:


    If you are happy with XcomTools, stick with it. I see no reason changing tool that works well for you. Though Even Registry Easy is my choice.

  49. XcomTools is working very well on my Windows XP… but I am about to upgrade to Windows Vista, or maybe even to Windows 7. Do you guys recommend me to change XcomTools with some registry cleaner or should I stick with it?

  50. trustable says:

    In my office I have ACA Utilities.. never had problems with registry or spyware so far.

  51. I’ve been using Reg Easy for more than two years, and it’s working very well. No need to change, even thought Xcoom looks great.

  52. I downloaded XcomTools .. and it fixed my rundll error so I vote for that tool.. although Registry easy or Aca utilities look great

  53. I tried most of them, but I decided to stick with Registry Easy. Also the price for more than one license is ok, because I use for my PC and notebook.

    It’s up to you… thank you for that review.

  54. Even XcomTools is(are) not bad, but I would say that ACA Utilities is best pick because they also include Registry Easy. Maybe it’s just me. Try to download and see for yourself..

  55. I have downloaded Registry Easy and I need to say I am very impressed by its performance. Windows started working much faster than before. It’s also quite cheap tool.

    Thank you for great review!

    J. xTreme