Best 5 Registry Fix and Repair Tools

Is your computer is running slow lately and you are facing software problems you have no idea how to fix? The most common reason for Windows slowness and software errors is registry corruption which requires advanced computer knowledge to understand. But the good news is; it can be easily fixed with using correct registry fix tool.

YouTube is Loading Slow – It’s Time to Speed Up!

YouTube has been really slow for the last few weeks, some people say months. It takes ages before you can play a video, all you see is endless loading and very slow buffering. Let’s presume you don’t have a dial-up connection. If you do, it’s very advisable not to run videos in a high quality (HQ) or high definition (HD).

Slow YouTube

Windows 8 To Go Bug – Easy Fix

If you recently plugged in a USB device operating with the same ID number as Windows 8 assigned to your Hard Disk device then you undoubtedly faced a so called “To Go bug” and now you can`t access Windows Store and some of the basic Windows 8 features as well. Not to worry since as grandmas says – for every problem there is a solution!


Fix Far Cry 3 Unusual Low FPS with nVidia

Due to poor optimization and driver difficulties users with dual GPU solutions are having problems achieving solid frame rates on a variety of hardware. If you are running a SLI setup and are

Fix System Error Code: 5 Access is denied

If you have troubles running programs or saving its data, there is a big chance you will see the System Error. Code: 5. Access is denied.

How-To: Burn a Bootable Windows DVD from an Image

Microsoft Windows is currently without a doubt the most widely spread operating system (OS) on the PC platform. Ever since the release of Windows XP and the inevitable rise of all forms of portable

Firefox – Fix Missing Extensions (Add-ons)

You no longer see installed extensions, known as add-ons in your latest version of Firefox.

Keeping your chat logs safe with Encryption

Just about everyone today uses chat programs for either personal conversations or to exchange business information. Many people don’t even give it a second thought, but the fact is that almost all the

How to Remove the Win HDD Virus from a Windows 7 PC

Everyone knows that it is smart to have a good anti-virus program installed and running on every PC, but that doesn’t mean your computer is going to be 100% safe. The virus maker’s are constantly thi

Simple Tips To Speed Up A PC Running Slow Or Sluggish

We know how frustrating it can be when you have a PC that isn’t performing at nearly the rate it should. You can have crashes, blue screens of death, slow internet speeds, slow loading times on a

3 Helpful Beginner Tips For New Windows 7 Users

Windows 7

If you’ve just recently upgraded to Windows 7 or you’re confused by the new operating system, here are some tips and tricks to help you use Windows 7. #1 – Defragging Your Hard Drive

Ultimate Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Remover

Here is the ultimate Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) remover for those who are getting annoyed by the Windows Genuine Advantage popping up every few second.