Windows 8 To Go Bug – Easy Fix

If you recently plugged in a USB device operating with the same ID number as Windows 8 assigned to your Hard Disk device then you undoubtedly faced a so called “To Go bug” and now you can`t access Windows Store and some of the basic Windows 8 features as well. Not to worry since as grandmas says – for every problem there is a solution!

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Fix System Error Code: 5 Access is denied

If you have troubles running programs or saving its data, there is a big chance you will see the System Error. Code: 5. Access is denied.

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How-To: Burn a Bootable Windows DVD from an Image

Microsoft Windows is currently without a doubt the most widely spread operating system (OS) on the PC platform. Ever since the release of Windows XP and the inevitable rise of all forms of portable computers (most notably netbooks and laptops) it is also the leading OS when it comes to pre-installed software.

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3 Helpful Beginner Tips For New Windows 7 Users

If you’ve just recently upgraded to Windows 7 or you’re confused by the new operating system, here are some tips and tricks to help you use Windows 7.

#1 – Defragging Your Hard Drive

Windows 7

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Ultimate Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Remover

Here is the ultimate Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) remover for those who are getting annoyed by the Windows Genuine Advantage popping up every few second.

Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA)
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Five Free Ways to Improve PC Performance

PC performance can be affected by a plethora of factors, which is why it is important to take a multifaceted approach to computer repair and optimization. Unfortunately, many computer users resort to paying exuberant amounts of money to have their computer fixed by a professional repairman. The following five-step guide will show you how to clean, repair, and restore your computers performance without spending a penny. [Read more…]

How To Burn A ISO File With Windows 7

A ISO file is basically a archive file, it’s also known as cd/dvd/disc images, it’s basically the same concept as .rar files, you can compress them all into a ISO and then burn it to a disc, there are loads of reasons we use ISOs to burn things directly to CDs. For example, if you wanted to install Ubuntu Linux, you’d need the operating system on a disk, so you’d download the ISO and then burn it to a disc to install it, that’s an every day example of ISO’s being used.

It honestly is really, really learn to learn How To Burn A ISO File With Windows 7, thanks to Windows 7, it makes the whole burning process a lot easier and quicker, it just takes a couple of steps to get it burning. You’re obviously going to need a disc to burn the ISO tool and the ISO file, that’s all you need, obviously you need to be running Windows 7 to follow this How To.

Step 1) First you need to locate the ISO file you wish to burn on to a CD/DVD.

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Laptop Battery Not Charging

I was working on my laptop via the power supply. I decided to go work in front of the TV and disconnected the power cord. After 30 minutes, I received a battery low error so I decided to charge the laptop. After I connected the power cord, I kept receiving the same error. I was getting a bit scared and decided to look on the internet for a solution.
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Get Access to Hidden Windows 7 Settings

The Windows 7 “Win7GodMode” is a term dubbed by the Microsoft team as a single point of access to make any alterations on your computer. This ranges from the Action Center to Windows update. The complete list allows you to easily make 274 changes across 45 different categories. [Read more…]

DVD Drive Not Recognized

I was trying to burn a DVD but the software did not detect my DVD drive. In Windows Control Panel, there was a yellow exclamation beside my DVD Drive. I checked the device status and it said “Windows cannot start the hardware because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged.”

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Bring Back Recovery Console in Windows 7

Windows XP had a recovery console and it was very useful. It allowed you to repair the master boot record, repair boot sectors and more useful tasks. Windows Vista automated the recovery console and Windows 7 followed. The automation did not always work though. Luckily, Windows 7 does have a recovery console but it is very well hidden.

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Disable Start Up Programs in Windows

My computer takes forever to start up because I have too many programs that open up when I turn on my computer. In order to speed it up, I decided to disable some of the unneeded start up programs. I was thinking about downloading a program to disable the start up programs, but I discovered a way to do it in Windows. [Read more…]