1. my facebook got hacked about two months ago and then so did my email and i can’t access either. Because i didnt put an alternate email on this facebook i have no way to access it and i think my email associated with it was deleted AND now someone is posting offensive pictures on it and tagging me and i can’t get on to delete them. Please help me?

  2. Okay my facebook has been hacked and i know who did it. But when they did it they changed my email too so even if i try to send the reset password thing to an email, the email isnt mine and i cant log on to it. So theres no way i can get my facebook back.

  3. pls. i have a problem because my account is hacked

  4. Dear All,

    Somehow my gmail account has been hacked although I fixed it, my facebook account now is creating problem. Whenever I want to login and type my username ‘’ it changes it to ‘erdogan.ekiz@YMAIL.COM’ wtf this because of this I can’t get my recovery password or do anything. Anyone can help me?

  5. Heather sheehan says:

    I used rick spung’s computer to check my fb n I made sure to log out of my account before I exited. Somehow he was able to access my fb account n went into my profile information n wrote all kinds of cruel, nasty, n false statements, slandering my name. He deleted all my pictures from when I was pregnant as well as my newborn baby n I in the hospital, pics that can not b replaced n aren’t stored anywhere else. He deleted all my friends and family except for 4 people. He put an extremely disgusting and offensive picture as my profile picture. It was of a naked lady standing on her head upsjide down n the bathtub vomiting and releasing fesces at the same time. Thank goodness he didn’t think to change my password so I was able to delete all the changes he made before too many people seen it. He was even holding a conversation with my sister acting as myself! He put rude n crude pretending to be me. This has been a detriment to my life. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me there is a way to recover atleast my pictures. These r memories that absolutely CANNOT b replaced, they r not stored anywhere else. Facebook, I hope u have some good news for me, otherwise, I just don’t know what I’m going to do…. I’m going to go crazy without my friends or pictures.

    Heather Sheehan

  6. My account can’t access on Facebook… ?

  7. @ rima how were u able to lock down your account

  8. my account is hacked from last one month and i know the person who has done this but i am unable to regain access please somebody help me

  9. Why does anyone give me the right procedure? I need to log in my account….. I keep on logging in but in keeps on tell REVIEW RECENT LOG IN … I keep on changing my password but nothing happen!! Well the story was .. I was using my cellphone in signing in in Face book . When i used my COMPUTER it doesn’t know me… I don’t know why??? because of that device?? Then I tried signing in my face book in MY CELLPHONE again .. This time it doesn’t really work… HELP ME I MISSED SO MUCH THINGS IN FB AND MY FRIENDS ARE ASKING WHY I’M NOT SIGNING IN… I can’t even answer the truth to them.. :(

  10. My account has been hacked, my face is blank

  11. anamika sharma says:

    Please Help deleting this fake profile. Somebody has stolen my pic’s and has created a fake profile and harassing his/her by sending illegal messages and friend request to her friends from this fake account. now i had already reported this account as nthng is happening.plzzzzzzzz

  12. chameera pinidiya says:

    my acnt was hacked . how can i get back it. plzzz give me suitable suggestion

  13. Anzenblue says:

    I’m running Windows XP Service Pack 3. I don’t no what happened but I can no longer run help & support or ‘Diagnose connection problem’. I’ve tried manually starting help 7 support but its saying that the file is missing. Could u help explain what I might of done & how to get both programs running when I need them? Do I have to re-install it if so how?

  14. i need help i can,t log-in into my facebook account and msn as well anyway i can get it back
    there is one way of selecting 3 friends and they will get some code which you can enter to prove that it is your account but in my case doesn’t work
    i really need to get my facebook account back

  15. my Group has beec hacked… it was one of the most popular n bigger activ Group … wat can i do now… plz help me frndz.. the hacker take away my adminship n removed me frm my Grp.. plz help me frndz.. plz plz plz

  16. Anonymous says:

    my acnt was hacked . how can i get back it. plzzz give me suitable suggestion

  17. xiiaojayloveyoualways says:

    pls, i need help my facebook have been hacked, i can’t go to my facebook all blank.since aug.16 until now.what can i do pls, help me.

  18. Anonymous says:

    i have the same problem rim btw what i can do plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

  19. Hiba Baidoun says:

    I am not sure if I got hacked. I still can log into my facebook account, but I had to change my password, when I log in I go to facebook and there is no way to go to my profile page ….I tried to search for my name, my page, but I got the following message: the page can’t be found, I asked one of my friends to find me but he couldn’t too…I still can find my friends when I search for any of them, but I can’t interact with them or send them any messages….I need help please

  20. I got my account hacked, i also know who did it. I tried this procedure to get it back, and it does not work, it just refreshes the page. There is a malfunction.

    The hacker changed my email adress and password. I was able to LOCK DOWN my account, but i wasn’t ablt to retrieve the account with customer services. Need help.

  21. ??

  22. my id got hacked and my email adress is also changed i reset my password but that link is also not working

  23. hi can you tell me how you did it please someone took over my acc of facebook thank you

  24. Why can’t anyone give us a 1 800 number to talk to a human one on one about the issues that we are having. some of these do not apply and i agree with some of the others. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Lalaland. says:

    Hey, my facebook account got hacked by someone in London on a Mac computer. I have been told you can lock your account so if somebody tries to hack you from another computer you get notified. I would like to do this. Do you know how? Thanks.

  26. Debbie Dowis says:

    My facebook has been hacked by Mike Hinds, was dating him. He has changed my email address n password only he has access to it now. As well as stealing my computer.. I have tried everything to get my account back please help.

  27. peter melvin dsouza says:

    Hello , my name is peter (peet) somebady took my mail and facebook i was plaing poker in that so somebady from there i think .. i try to recover it from face book recovery but its not working… i have some memoriyabel things there its very importent for me if you can help me with this so kind of you.. please please help me .. i am not that good in pc so try to help please.. thanking you

  28. my boyfriends account got hacked and his password was changed. he doesnt now how to get on it or anything and he has no computer. how can he fix this?

  29. CasieBuss says:

    I tryed getting on facebook but it wont let me. It says i changed my password and diactived my account which i was watching a movie with my sister when it was happening. I really need it back and if i dont, im gonna be pissed. Do something!! please!:(

  30. marjoriehamiltonyurcovic says:

    my face boook has been hacked. they made a profile to look like mine .i changed my password but they are still sending out money request from do i get them off.

  31. jessica says:

    hey it didnt HELP

  32. deekeath says:

    My facebook account was hacked yesterday. The hacker took over my email account and all alternate accounts listed on my facebook settings. The hacker changed the alternate email to a fake account by adding one letter to my real email address, and changed all security questions and my info. I have no way to access my account at all, nor to receive a reset code. I can’t find anywhere to contact facebook to fill out the form shown above to tell them my problem and give them a new email address to contact me about my hijacked account or anything. I am assuming my account is just lost forever, I hate to lose all the photos I had stored….

  33. hi

  34. hello

  35. Katarina says:

    my facebook account is hacked ..what i Post to do if there write “Sorry, we are experiencing temporary technical problem, please check back later. ” i cant log in … please help … i change password, and they hacked again …. :( please

  36. anyone can help me?

  37. hi…my facebook had been hacked so I can`t use it like before!!! anyone can help me???

  38. Chom nomxD says:

    Well Hi,
    My facebook account got hacked recently.
    I kind of accidently locked it.
    Is there anyway That I can get it back? I really need my facebook account caause then I can speak to my real mom D: Its the only way but….Please Help me find a way.

    Thanks for reading my message :)

  39. thx for u alot its really helped me to get my fb account back thx alot

  40. how to recover my Facebook account?

  41. Garuda Deion says:

    My Facebook and email got hacked how to recover both

  42. opone ifeoma favour says:

    please help my facebook account ha been block please i have many vita information please what can i do to recover the account

  43. dE_logics says:

    The no. 1 reason why you get hacked is cause you’re running Windows — the world’s most insecure, slow and unstable OS, and yet you use it.

    No wonder people’re stupid.

  44. anthony souza says:

    i dont have a computer but every time i try to login it says “unusua login activity” did it get hacked???

  45. Mike Gipson says:

    My fb account was hacked into by a girl name Pricilla Watson. Her picture is on my profile with my information and my pictures. When I try to report it FB gave me a new account, starting all over and this girl is contacting my friends…. I need your help to regain access to my account please.

  46. Kaylee Wells says:

    Soemone hacked my account and changed my email and password, all I know is the email to send pictures from my phone to my account, what do I do?

  47. my facebook got hacked into and i cant get back into it and i need someone to help me get back into. i tried everything that facebook told me to do.i really want to get it back. so can someone help me PLEASE

  48. Ralph cooke says:

    My account got hacked by my ex girlfriend she has deactivated it and changed all the login details. Does anyone have a clue how to get it back as I can not verify it.

  49. I just had my email fb page hacked and they changed the password and login email. Im having trouble with fb getting back to me regarding fixing the issue. How can I request that they let me get access back into my account so I can change the login email and password??

  50. damm

  51. i cant open my account ‘ive tried it many times but it hasn’t still be open

  52. i think i just got hacked and i dont like it y cant people just leave us alone

  53. I got my account hacked and the first time i was able to regain it but this is the second and it says that i have to wait 24 hours or something? Also when i identify my account it just sends me back to the page where i enter my email adress phone number or my name. GRRR!

  54. wendell lee fook says:

    every time i try to access my account it says that i changed my password and that the one i am using is incorrect now i cant even get on my yahoo account anymore

  55. fb sucks says:

    i got hacked as in my password got changed . help me for gods sake

  56. i got hacked….i cnt get it back!!!! :(

  57. tomika conley says:

    i was in the poker room and this guy named kevin said he was gonna block my facebook i tried to report him but nothing was done. and i cant get back on facebook how do i get unkacked

  58. Rakesh meena says:

    my facebook account have been hack 30th april someone just change my email login and password without my consent they stole all but the thing is I JUST WANT MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT BACK I connotuse the steps you gave because my emaillog in have been change how can i fix it pls help me

  59. Warren Tyson Francis says:

    Technically, my facebook account wasn’t hacked.Two days ago, I was trying to get on facebok through another device. Now my account is acting up. I can’t even read the posts on my wall because when I log on, my motifications and messages all appear at the same time and I can’t get them out of my way so I can see my post the people leave for me on facebook. And the text looks like it’s from the 90’s also. I notice this problem yesterday. So can you please fix my page so it can be as good as new?

  60. Josephine Makinano Mendiola says:

    My facebook account have been hack 3 days ago… Someone just change my email log in and password without my consent… they stole all, but the thing is I JUST WANT MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT BACK… I cannot use the steps you gave because my email log in have bee change how can i fix it pls help me pls…

  61. my facebook account have been hack 2 days ago… Someone just change my email log in and password without my consent… they stole all y stuffs in yoville but the thing is I JUST WANT MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT BACK… I cannot use the steps you gave because my email log in have bee change how can i fix it pls help me pls…

  62. Fahid Tarayrah says:

    my account on facebook website is stolen
    please help me

  63. said hofioni says:


  64. I’m the anoymous one but now I put my name mimi to tell you all again thank you to make this happeng I have my facebook back.

  65. Anonymous says:

    And I already have my facebook lback last nite,thank you sooooo much .

  66. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much I just sind this page yesterday and I already have my facebook back after my facebook was lock for a week I just use Fixexe yesterday morning

  67. Keval
    Some hacked my FB account and took total control. I tried filling out the forms and facebook sends back repies on how to gain control again. But none of them work since facebook sends back ridiculous replies. I cannot get them to understand the hacker that has changed the email on that account to his. How did you get help? Maybe you can help me.. Thank you!

  68. Well it has the messege who knows why it posted it and said i already posted it. What ever the comment was posted.

  69. This is stupid I cannot even write a comment as it says this is a duplicate of a email I have already written. But I have never written to this site.

  70. Some hacked my FB account and took total control. I tried filling out this form but is not that easy. My hacker has made his email the primary account user. So how the heck do I find help. I have written numerous emails to facebook the reply with some ridiculous answers is like they did not even read what I wrote in the emails I have sent them. It is a nightmare and I am at my wits ends on how to get this matter resolved. I am now contacting the hotline in my local newspaper for help and also TV news. I fear that they have obtained enough information from facebook and my personal email also to commit identity theft. Is there anyone that can help me? The form above is ridiculous since the hacker has his email address on my account.

  71. My sons email and facebook has been hacked so because I cant access his emails Im getting nowhere can someone help me he is a young adult with learning difficulties and its causing lots of stress. Facebook have been a nightmare and the police didnt have a clue either. Im desperate please please help me. Thanks

  72. thanks peeps … ive manage to log back in my account .

  73. i also,got hacked but my email not get hacked so i change my password and log in

  74. dhimalboy says:

    my facebook got hacked… i try to use this method but the compromised form s not coming out… y? help me….

  75. Brogan Draycott says:

    My facebook is being hacked and has been hacked several times! All I want is my account back so i can deactivate it, please help?

  76. Anonymous says:

    why my zynga cuts my 9m chips

  77. my FB is hacked/// go to hell the hacker

  78. Apple Galvez says:

    I have a same issued, my facebook account was hacked last april 13,2011
    at 11pm!. while im using my account, i receive a log in page.
    i ignore coz’ i thought it is a scam or ever. then i clicked HOME and i retype my e-add and password. And i cannot log in anymore. Somebody changed my username and i thought my password too. I have a important messages their. so please help me to recover my account. thanks!:-)

  79. kadheeja saleem says:

    my account is locked.please help me to recover my account

  80. my acc got hacked not atall happy……….:(

  81. my stuff has totally been hacked says im a dude when i know im a girl…2nd attemempt to get on fb fed up this could be because my id was stolen in 2007….still sucks any advice…non of my teens stuff if fed up

  82. my id have been hacked… i want to get back my accont how i get back plz help me

  83. my dad changed my password and i need my facebook so how do i fix it ive tryed aso many times alreaddy HELP PLZ!!!

  84. how do i get help from face book i have been hacked and i cant get any one to help me thay put a new pass work and i can not get any one to help me does any one no how i can talk to any one that works with face book help me

  85. my fb account has been hacked. the account is still there, but the hacker has changed the original login email address. how can i recover my previous account? im afraid my name and pictures can be mis-used!
    HELP me please! what can i do?

  86. Noemi Kate says:

    my friends fb account has been hacked she said because when she opened her fb its says incorrect email/password im trying to help her but i can’t im just a kid dont say to the fb owner

  87. anon in need says:

    my facebook account got hacked, and they changed my password. they also said that i’ve reached the limit of password resets. im very upset. if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

  88. Anonymous says:

    my facebook has been hacked and taken over. my credit card was charged 250.00 dollars on poker points. The person changed all my info and deleted all my friends and even changed my name. i need to know what i can do to fix this issue. thanx

  89. elwyn v. apolinares says:

    can you please retrieved all my pictures that i posted in my facebook account which been hacked last month. thank you

  90. Anonymous says:

    This shit is so stupid!! My facebook is hacked & no matter what i do i cant seem to get back into my account! at first i wasnt sure if it was hacked but now i am certain that someone has stolen my password and im afraid he/she will tell my friends horrible things!! ugh WHY do people hack onto other peoples shit?! is it because they have no lives and are bored with themselfS?! this is rediculous! and facebook should do something about it, or at least respond to our emails! We shouldn’t have to put up with this anymore. pleaseee FB team just help fix this problem and keep FB alil more safe & secure! thanks!

  91. thomas rooney says:

    On 3 7 2011 appeared on my Facebook account and fb said someone changed the password if you go onto her name its all my information on it .so i haven’t been able to play my Zynga poker game or chat with any of my friends please tell me how do i get it back i have over 8and a half million credits on my game and don’t want to lose them early this month someone else hacked my page also but FB helped me get it all back i don’t understand how people do this they shouldn’t be able to do this its not fair please please help me i tried everything i could now i really need your help .i can give you any information you need please help me sincerely yours.

  92. nanu- nj girl says:

    my account keeps getting hacked and I am so mad so is my husband also and he dislikes face book so much and won,t go on at all but some creap keeps going on and getting in to my account and deleating me and it,s wrong what do I do please???nanu

  93. my friends account has been hacked and the password has been changed, how can i change it

  94. Claudia says:

    Were do i go to confirm my email when im login to facebook.

  95. Anonymous says:

    your day will come. u just dont do that.

  96. Anonymous says:

    i’m pissed ma account has been hacked by som1. he z using ma id in a really wrong way. he had abuse ma frnz to a great xtent. itz difficult for me to bear such pain.

  97. Im pissed my girlfriends facebook was hacked and so was her email and now they are using her phone number on msn. $400 bill on phone and I can’t get hotmail or facebook account back.


  99. @jewman
    My boyfriends account got hacked. Do you think you can hack itt again and ge it back for us?

  100. simple :my FB account got hacked recently… I submitted details you mentioned… I hope I get it back.. well, anyhow I got new one already :D

  101. nahack ung Facebook ko :'(
    panu yan ? hindi ako marunong

  102. I had a page on Facebook which was HACKED and DELETED is there anyway to get it back??

  103. my facebook account and email has been hacked by someone on 15 FEB 2011! I follow the steps in Helps page, then Facebook Team send me a emails, ask me to reply and explain my experiences and to proof i’m the owner for the login email! But they never reply me till now! Who know how long they take for Account recovery process? And they really can help us if our facebook account and login email both was compromised? I’m so sad and helpless now…. I saw too many complaints, Facebook will NEVER reponse or help us, it is truth?

  104. If everyone on all these sites complaining of getting hacked would just report it to the BBB and TRUSTe, Facebook would be overrun with complaints that they would have to answer. Tired of no customer support…….Report them
    Its very easy

  105. Nabila Tahsin says:

    my facebook email is hacked and i want it back!!!!!plzzzzzzz

  106. sweptfromthesea says:

    those of you who mentioned you hack, need a serious
    psychiatric evaluation… are just evil.

  107. kalifa al says:

    who is hack my account!i cant access my user account,still now didt get any information to my mail from facebook provider

  108. Ruben Garza says:

    I tried to reset my password. I wrote it down confirmed it several times and it wont take. Now it saws I have tried too ofter. Please help me! I am begging you!!!

  109. My Facebook password was stolen. I tried to access my account but Facebook disabled it, so I contacted them directly. Facebook team informed me that in order to prove my identity I need to provide them with copy of my passport or driving license showing my full name, picture and date of birth. Could someone please suggest me what to do. Is it true?

  110. Michelle Bowman says:


  111. Michelle Bowman says:


  112. Elene Lapiashvili says:

    OMG!I am so so sad :((((( my account got hacked and disabled :( is there any ways that i can get it back?

  113. Edward Collintor says:

    hey my friends’ facebook is hacked…..can somebody help me???!!!

  114. Romelyn Dagaas says:

    I’m having trouble logging in my account though i have user name and password. It routes me to a verification method wherein I am asked to enter a certain code which i can retrieve with my phone number that was registered in my account. However, I haven’t received any text message of any code. What should I do? Or is there anything else that i should do to be able to retrieve my account?

  115. Anonymous says:

    People like you make me sick

  116. My fb was hacked . Is anyone who can help me ?

  117. roji alex says:

    wht to do whn gmail accout get hacked

  118. roji alex says:

    i wanted delete a hacked account plz help me.

  119. gibin george thankachan says:

    wht to do if i forget my account recovering options?

  120. jandane tibor cabajar says:

    my fb account got hacked,,,wat am i going to do,,,i try to fix it,,ive follow the steps f how to back my account,BUT, it did’nt,,, please help me coz this is so very important of me,,,,THANK YOU

  121. jose portillo says:

    I tent to do something and I was asked for my password and it was rejected appeared to be a female the person who was using this account now I do not now what to do

  122. dalie leia gutierrez says:

    i change my pass word and then . i forgot it. what should i do?

  123. gibin george thankachan says:

    email address of hacked FB account is gibtha help me to block this account please please please…………

  124. gibin george thankachan says:

    my account got hacked by 2 friends name shibu daniel ,and abhilash damodaran .both of them putting wrong information about me me and putting wrong pictures as profile pic .my password was very simple so that they found out very easily.they are black mailing me with the account for long time i have tried so many times for taking my account back but i didnt able to .when ever they need some work done from me they are opening this account ,i used to do that for them because of this account then they will be blocking this account as temporary basis.nw for some other need they have reopened again ,please help me by blocking this account .i am great follower of fb ,other than this i am very much happy with all other service .i have opened a new account for accessing new fb thats

  125. Anonymous says:

    i just got hacked and they changed my password while i was playing poker then stole all my chips stupid facebook accounting wont even let me recover password coz i dont meet indenity check. like fk this my account and 100mil later zgna poker credit card brouht money for chips like 250 dollars i have spent then they just hack my account and play online transferring all my chips within 2mins
    any one can get back to me on email

  126. i m sad i dont knew why i cant openmy fb account
    please help.tnx

  127. M. K. Jones says:

    My 78 yoa father tried disabling/deleting his FB account with the assistance of a younger family member. Now someone has opened another FB profile in his name using his photos & personal id info. He wants this STOPPED & DELETED.

  128. Vishal Sapariya says:

    How can i recover my hacked account?
    I need help…
    Please Help Me

  129. i m really tensed abt my facebook account,hope i get it back vry soon

  130. my facebook got hacked twice in a week the first time was from hong kong then near new jersey.they took some of my pictures of me and my friends. Please HELP!

  131. plz help me i gt hackd nw i cnt use ma account plzz help me datz only ma accont which i cn chat wid ma frndz plzzzzzzz

  132. Please help me! my id got hacked thrice and every time i make a new account it gets hacked too. This time the person is abusing my friends. Its really frustrating! I have the security question. Facebook help din’t do any good for me. Is there a way i can fix my account just through the security question?? please help me?

  133. Cant get into Facebook to tell them I’ve been hacked. What do I do?

  134. need my poker account back ?



  137. Turtle4373 says:

    My FB was hacked 5 days ago. They sent IM’s to most of my friends telling them that I was in London and was held up for all of my cash and cell phone, they asked all of my friends to western union them $$. I reported this to FB, they had me answer some questions to verify that I am the correct user. I have not heard from them since. I want my FB back, I have a lot of pics on there that I want back. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get your account back?

  138. i have tried everything to get this account back, i just want it deleted there are pics of my sons on there and i think its wrong that anyone have them without my permission, my email got hacked then my facebook so it been almost 6 months since this happened and facebook nor messenger aint helped me….. its stressing me out i think its time to go over there heads

  139. Anonymous says:

    Ma acc hs been hackd and is used by some1.. cn u pls tell me hw to delete ma hackd account???

  140. Hi please help!
    We created a fan page. it has many followers. We have reached 100000 plus already in just a few months followers already. However, all of our admins including the creator of the page were deleted by some one we dont know. As of now no one has admin right. We cant post any update. Im not sure if hacking would be the exact word for it . But one of the admins account has been “hacked” He cant access his fb account . its telling him it has been temporarily suspended. he cant post either. We need to get access to the page. We dont want our page to deleted. Please please please help . I dont know much a about pc. How can we access it and add back our names back. Is that possible. I know creating a new page is a diff options but we want we to use the original .. please please.. thanks.. salamat :-)

  141. hey can you help me!?i tried to do it,but my email is hacked 2!they’ve even changed my personal information in the info in the mail!!!!i dont know what to do help me!!!

  142. your wrong…

    the person who runs facebook also runs the cia. if you think its because the password is too easy to guess, then you are ill informed sir.

    watch zeitgiest on youtube.

    you’ll understand.

  143. my facebook & hotmail was hacked the 5/11/2010 , & i had a strong password !, i got my hotmail account back , but facebook so slow in replying if they reply ! i have wrote in english & french , i need my account back if any1 can help me out on this 1.
    i saved my http , has been taken off line it’s http:/
    i want this account back
    please help out !!

  144. gyanu prasai says:

    hello… plz help me retrieve my email add and my fb account.. its beeh hacked for a week now. thanks

  145. martha johnson says:

    cant get into my face book it shows the page nothing on it i think i got hacked

  146. martha johnson says:

    i cant get into my facebook

  147. I’m pissed at everything called FB hackers has created problems for two weeks for me and from zynga they have stolen 34 million poker chips .. many times I’ve had problems with hackers but the problems just continue .. so I do not know what I do more. guys from indonesia playing with us and steal all they want. I dont know what FB think about this issue.

  148. I had the SAME thing happen its all do to F*ucking Zynga!! i lost my whole facebook it got hacked and changed the email and everything. So upset with myself. please helpp me outt

  149. Maybe you should change the blog title Facebook account got hacked – need help! to more better for your blog post you make. I enjoyed the blog post however.

  150. deperatePerson says:

    facebook is telling me that I’m sort of <>
    then i have to do some steps to <> the alarm.
    But when its time to send a security code to my e-mail account . IT DON’T EVER SEND AND I’M REALLY PISSED

  151. @Zivkovic ljubomir
    has anyone been able to get anywhere with facebook support? i did this, got the email they sent me, replied to it and have been waiting for days and gotten no response. the day before it said there was a suspicious login from jakarta, why cant they stop people from logging into my account from jakarta? i live in california, how could i get to jakarta in 20 min? and why wont they help me get my account back? oh and the only thing this “hacker” has done is steal my zynga poker chips… $16 million of them.

  152. my id has been hacked thr anyone on dis planet who wud revert back n help..plzzzzzzzz

  153. aymen bahri says:

    my facebook has been hacked so i wish that someone help me to get it back because i have to much family members as friends and i am afraid that the hacker use my profile and my identity to heart them

  154. Anna Katykhin says:

    I got hacked 2 times in 1 day within 3 hours. I tried deactivated my account yet the hacked still got into my account and reactivated it after I even changed all of my info on my account. He then changed my account info to his preferances and Now i cant get into my facebook account at all. What do I do?

  155. Anonymous says:

    @Farhan Jamil
    Exact same thing happened to me …. except I had 33 mill Zynga chips and we watched the hacker playing at a table & called Zynga who did nothing! This happened 3 days ago & still have not heard back from Facebook or from the email provider. I’ve decided I will no longer be using facebook!

  156. how can i get my id when my password is stolen

  157. froida florence estepa says:

    hello… plz help me retrieve my email add and my fb account.. its beeh hacked for a week now.. rnx..

  158. Farhan Jamil says:


    just yesterday both my facebook account and my email id associated with the facebook account both got hacked! i regained entry o couple of times and i even changed my login email but the hacker seems to have gained control of my account every single time…

    just today i found out through a friend that the hacker stole my zynga poker chips amounting to 7.8 million!!!

    what should i do the facebook team does not seem to care i have written to them a million times but they have not replied even a single time!!!

    please help!

    Farhan Jamil

  159. Facebook is full of crap these days. My account has been hacked for about three weeks now. The hacker has changed all the log-in info including the default email address in my account. He/She chats to my friends about some inappropriate things. I have been inform by many friends about nasty inbox messages.

    I am a working professional. This issue has caused some unexpected embarrassment to me. I have been writing to FB like million times. Including the options to fax/mail my legal identity, asking to to help me get my FB back or help me complete close my account. They don’t give a crap. They send out one generic mail to every complain I file saying, “write back if you did not receive any email notifying about the default email address change in your account”. And, when you write back, they do not respond.

    I am getting tired of fighting over this. So now, I am just sitting back an enjoying the show with frustration. I had a very difficult password. I have no clue how it got hacked.

    So yeah, bottom lineis , be safe, you never know who is going to get into your account. Based on my online research, there are plenty of ppl with similar problem and FB hasn’t given a crap about them. I was loving FB, in terms of staying in touch with family and friends and getting in-touch with long lost friends. But, privacy wise FN sucks. Now, I have decided not to open another account.

    It’s sad that FB does nothing to resolve such problems after being report many times.

  160. anonymous25 says:

    i cant reached to the page/link you ve given above..!! plz help me! i want ma account back as soon as possible.

  161. I have the exact same problem. The hacker is completely misusing my FB. FB chatting and sending weird messages to my friends. I don’t seem to have control over my email either. Did you ever get this resolved?

  162. f u to number 37 quote

  163. F U !!!!!

  164. my facebook and email got hacked i cannot give my original email addy due to the fact that somebody hacked it and i know who the person is i need my original facebook back pls

  165. My facebook has been hacked for the third time successfully, my associated account was hacked as well although i reported to gmail and got it back within 2hours but all my emails had been deleted and my login id on facebook had been chnged. i don’t know what to do. facebook doesn’t get back to you theres no point reporting to them. the person has put up a weird picture as my profile picture, the account has private msgs and pictures on it. what should i do? need help!!!!

  166. Anonymous says:

    Hi there,my facebook has been hack and my email ad also in yahoo i could not log in anymore and somebody is using it.Im vry much worried and pls help me to retried my account in fb and my email in yahoo.Pls help me also to identify this hackers.Pls pls pls help me.Thanks a lot

  167. ur information doesnot support me to get my fcbk back .what is going on with this fcbk is it to get hacked by anyone and use them .my fcbk has been hacked by someone and using it all along .i am much more worried because i have got all my pics out there.pls help me……….

  168. Anonymous says:

    hi there, i want to know.. if my reset password already over the limit.. what i can do ? if who here know it please reply ya.. thanks alot ^^

  169. Anonymous says:

    thats exactly what happen to me. if got it resolved please let me know how i go to get mine back. thanks

  170. Anonymous says:

    what are you guys talking abut

  171. I do not know what’s going on in all this.
    I had 3 months was your guitar <3

    Now I write with the facebook is broken and that I am a fiction: (
    I did not sign because the password does not match. Facebook is not helping at all about what's going on there do not get it: (((

    ... But can someone help me here somehow, because they want to recover my old account and open a new no longer wonders how this is happening.

    the only question is what to do and how.

    Thank you for any help ... and the answer ... <3

  172. hi my id not open…………i dont know wht is problem /………plz cheak…………..this is hack………….i don’t know how is hack

  173. Anonymous says:

    Mine was complex. They hacked GMail servers and got account and passwords then request a password reset on Facebook. They don’t just guess simple passwords…@jose

  174. my email has been hacked and i wonder how i can i get it back because there a lot of things i need in this account so please help !!

  175. hihihihi says:

    ismail rock man :
    my facebook account has been hacked by anybady i am so many problem in my school and place of my study :: when i put my id then it is not sign in this is my problem on facebook please if any one can help me so plz plz help me

    borrow your facebook

  176. joanne banez says:

    help me i dont have money pls may i borrow your facebook i will just chat to my family

  177. ismail rock man says:

    my facebook account has been hacked by anybady i am so many problem in my school and place of my study :: when i put my id then it is not sign in this is my problem on facebook please if any one can help me so plz plz help me

  178. shaniqua says:

    jewman :
    i just hacked this guys account and im messaging all his friends to tell them i hate them. so far nobody has figured out that im a hacker.

    hi jewman can you please email me @ please and thanks i really need your help!

  179. Anonymous says:

    i recently found a problem where an error message was popping up when i was trying to sign into facebook, it was badly spelt and was possible signs of a hacker. It told me and i quote “an error has occured please TRAY again later”. If anyone can help me would you let me know

  180. michelle says:

    my facebook account has been hacked, please facebook team help me i dont feel safe about dis,…ur not responding to my email,..

  181. @Kaitlyn McGarley My FB was hacked on Feb 1, 2010 as was my email associated with that acocunt, and I still don’t have my FB account back. Thankfully, the people at Google were able to help me get my gmail account back! To all these people saying that you need a complex password: that doesn’t matter! It also doesn’t matter if your passwords are different (which mine were). You can have a password a mile long with all sorts of characters, but if these hackers have planted a key logger onto your computer without you knowing it, and your protection software doesn’t recognize it as a threat, then you’re pretty much screwed.

  182. sudeep adhikari says:

    my friend binita paudel’s account got hacked and other person is misusing this account and make her is big problem in collage society everywhere. her email id is ”“…..if possible please remove this id from facebook…we are facing many mental problem from frens and socity…so please help us by removing this id from facebook… as soon as possible please remove this id from facebook.. she is going to have another facebook id but first she need to remove this id from facebook anyhow….so please hel us…

  183. Alrighty, well, it says my facebook acount has been Disabled, my friend suggested that I got hacked. I logged in one morning everything was fine and then I log on an hour later and it says your account has been disabled D:< I didn't do anything wrong, so it doesn't tell me that I have an incorrect pass or user, it just says that it's disabled….so does that mean I got hacked?

  184. Deadguy says:

    I use this method, and some other stuff in the help section to hack into FACEBOOK profiles! works great. FB thinks they are hlping! I just watch and wait and then pounce and make up some seriously sick shit and use photoshop to make some epic pictures to back up horrible story… tl:dr I ruin social lives with thisz! hahahahahahaha

  185. hi my original id on facebook is face book id has been hacked & now some one else is now oparating my account. that person is also sendind lots of message from my account for make trable in my personal life. i m not getting my pass word back. plz deactivate my account.

  186. ..Ahmf,my fb has been hacked,and theirs a person chatting my friend and he/she told my friends bad..
    ..So my image was bad for my friends and family..
    ..thanks,and i hope you can help me in these case..

  187. Hi, my account was hacked few months back. I have tried doing the steps you have mentioned on this page but got NO reply.. The email account which served as my userID (in Facebook) was hacked too but I was able to retrieve it back. Now the email that is used for my facebook account was changed to another email which I could not access.. Can you please help me in getting my account back… Thanks.

  188. dude my dads account got hacked and now his all up on my sack so can u plase help me bro wright something i dont understand any of this soo yahh help plzzz…

  189. i forgot my password for facebook and msn

  190. Zivkovic ljubomir says:

    the account was hacked, we can t retrieve the password because the email was hacked too.

  191. richard ramsey says:

    richard ramsey :I can not get access to my facebook as they say my e-mail and password are not valid. I have been using them for about three years and never had any trouble befor and i want them restored so i can use them on face-book. I have just opened a subscripition with facebook an want to enjoy using it . Renee R.

    @richard ramsey

    @richard ramsey

  192. richard ramsey says:

    When can i get back to using my proper e-mail and password with out having to get verified as i never got a verifcation code and if i can use my e-mail adress and my own password that i have been using in the past three years Thank You Renee R.

  193. richard ramsey says:

    I can not get access to my facebook as they say my e-mail and password are not valid. I have been using them for about three years and never had any trouble befor and i want them restored so i can use them on face-book. I have just opened a subscripition with facebook an want to enjoy using it . Renee R.

  194. Lorraine Dodson says:

    I cannot get on my face book,everytime I try it blocks me from getting on.Something to do with a verification code.I did’nt get a verfication code when it was activated if so it was’nt in my E mail.Thank you for your help.

  195. Naomi Hunton says:

    My daughter has had her account stolen and someone is using it on an evening, they have all her pictures and info. A friend has asked them questions and they do not know the answers to them. They are also saying she wants sex with anyone from the age of 5 yrs and up, she is only 14 herself. I have deactiveted the account i can find and its not hers, please sort this as soon as possible and i would be grateful if you would let me know what is happening on my email, I am her mum.

  196. Mary Lawrence says:

    My account has also been hacked but unfortunately I don’t see any posts re similar story. I can still log in to FB but only as the person who hacked me. All my info, friends and applications have gone and the profile is entirely different because it’s it’s his and not mine. I reset my password (as recommended by fb)but am still the hacker :( FB have been notified but I get no reply and I’m getting quite frustrated by the time and effort i’m putting in to resolve the issue. Does FB support really exist???

  197. @jewman
    stupid jew

  198. my facebook got hacked a while ago and sent url links to my friends, they did not get sent to everyone tho, just about 30 starting alphabetically. i have tried to reset my password several times and submitted the form above for hacked accounts. i have also submitted a form for posts sent from my account that i didn’t send. its been a couple of weeks and i haven’t heard back from any of these. somebody please help me or give information on someone to call to resolve this issue. really starting to get on my nerves now as i thaught facebook was a multi million pound business. this is a joke know has responded to any my claims/ emails and losing hope i will ever get it back. as i say its been weeks and nothing

  199. my face got hacked about a month ago and ever since then, ive been trying to get it back and do something about it and nothing seems to work at all. the person is posting false infprmation and is also pertending to be me. i use facebook for school and to communicate with family that live in europe. i tried to make a new facebook account and the one that got hacked popped up again and the new one i made wouldnt let me use my name cause its on the old account…he also hacked into my email account and changed the security questions so that i cant get onto in at all. the email is really important to me because i use that for school and assignments.and i called yahoo and they just said sorry.didnt help AT ALL! and how can an old account be deleted when the hacker can reactivate it? i cant get rid of my old facebook for good so that it cant be reactivated and so that he cant get on pretending to be me and reactivate it? please help me.

  200. fofo's heart says:

    my niece account has been hacked and we cant bring it back … maybe the hacker changed every thing even the secret Q and A .. so what should we do?

    please help us to bring it back.. thanks

  201. Kaitlyn McGarley says:

    i got hacked a few days ago , and i filled out that form but facebook still havnt replyed to my message. i am really worried and i just want my facebook back! they also hacked into my msn. how long does it usually take for facebook to reply and help me get it back ? i am really worried and confuzed.

  202. Kimidnite says:

    I got hacked Aug 24th stating I was doing something with a Muslim and then a real nasty profile pic (I’ll leave that to the imagination). I reset password and took down a bunch of stuff, also left some groups on FB that were targeted (Christian). Just have them re-send your password to your email and do a complete scan on your computer/remove cookies. I may not stay there, don’t feel safe.

  203. viragiste says:

    sorry it redirects to help

  204. viragiste says:

    is no longer available, it redirects to
    any alternative !

  205. when u do this do they send the infromation to your email address that u registered with, or do can you provide an alternative one? because my yahoo email that i signed up with got hacked too.
    please help…i would really appreciate it

  206. Paul Williams says:

    am i doing something wrong?
    as when i go to facebook i do not get the last bit you meantion in step 8?

  207. jewman says:

    i just hacked this guys account and im messaging all his friends to tell them i hate them. so far nobody has figured out that im a hacker.

  208. ditta xena says:

    thanks 4 solution.
    My facebook was hacked too.
    i will never vengeance to her/him. but, i will hope to God so that every hacker be gave aware. What they do is wrong. N I hope God pardon them.

  209. @V§

    I suggest you to submit this form above… I think this is the only way you can get your hacked account back.

  210. Mine Facebook id has also been hacked? what should I do now?

  211. hjæælp says:

    Hey had problems, like those you’ve described above but I can not get it to work because I can not paste the url add … my account has been chopped a Osse there another way you can get help to get his account back on

  212. smith23 says:

    I keep getting Incorrect Email Password Combination .. does that mean my Facebook account got hacked?

  213. My friend’s Facebook account got also hacked few weeks ago. But he got it back, using this method.

    Thank you for pointing us in a right direction.

  214. Not sure why Facebook doesn’t take care of this at first place. There system is risky.

  215. The only reason you account gets hacked if you set an easy password.
    Dont be a moron and set a complex password!

  216. I’ve heard many Facebook accounts been hacked lately. I am happy I don’t use social sites like Facebook or Netlog.

  217. stop using Facebook.. I’ve read they steal your personal information.. not wondering why you got your account hacked

  218. my FB account got hacked recently… I submitted details you mentioned… I hope I get it back.. well, anyhow I got new one already :D