(US) English as default search engine in your Browser

Are you wondering how to set (US) English as your default search engine in your browser? By default will redirect you to the Google interface in your language ( , , , , , …) based on your location.

Google search egine domains

Follow these simple steps to set as a your home page in your browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox,  Chrome, Opera).

  • go to your browser’s main options
  • set your home page as
  • click on OK or Apply button default search egine


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  3. norma slover says:

    i echo many other comments. Please let me control the language. Just because I am living in Mexico that doesn’t mean I am fluent in Spanish. Or if I visit Japan I am fluent in Japanese. Leave us some control please

  4. Google techs need to get out more. Seem to think that because someone is in a particular country that must be their language.

  5. Thanks, I tried a lot to find it out, but i can’t.

  6. minhas ho khuzaim says:


  7. Pharmb849 says:

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  9. didnt work

  10. It’s truly weird!,ph is in English, when I go to, it’s in Philippine language. And there’s nowhere to switch to English! Is this a trick?

  11. in my case it does not work
    Whatever I do, I always get in french or dutch or another language, but never in english
    I thought that Google was an american company
    Why can I not search in english
    Am frustrated

  12. in last few day opera 12.02 opens site on my machine in chinese or some other asian language. I’m living in Serbia & this makes me very nervous. does anybody knows how to resolve this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Very useful! Thanks very much!

  14. What is I don’t wish to have google as my home page? What other avenue is there? … another search engine?

  15. marie baltazar says:

    Why did Facebook temporary lock me out of account

  16. this still DOESNT WORK! i am starting to get frustrated!! :(

  17. For some reason Google English has switched to Japanese. When I go to a site it’s in Japanese.
    I’m using Safari 10.1. How do I change it to English?

  18. From Finland says:

    It is mutch better to use “”.

    “” will not always solve the problem.
    It does not work for people in Finland for instance.

    There is a weird bug here that if instead of Finnish you want English and either set “” on the address bar or klick on the “ in English” button at, you instead get Google in Swedish… the second official language of Finland.

    It is really odd, because the link seas “in English” and gives you Swedish.

  19. heY

    THNX iT soLVe mY pRoBlEm :)

  20. ali zohourian haddad sany says:

    english language by defalt

  21. thnx a lot

  22. As a non-techy 79-year-old I am in Mexico for 3 month. My computor was just swept clean by a friend, but now I can’t seem to get completely out of Spanish. I hold out against things like Google whatever,trying to keep it uncluttered and truly basic for now. How do I get Google to go back to always using English?

  23. Thank you!!!! had developed this nasty habit of showing me the start page and results in German, simply because my computer is set to “German” (I am actually currently in Russia, so the switch was not even location-related). Worst of all, the option “ in English” has disappeared from the home page. Annoying. I don’t want to be patronized like this.

  24. Solved my home page problem

    thanks a lot !!!!

  25. shahnawaz says:

    the best way !!
    search firefox search engine add on, select google english then go to “manage search engines ” remove google and select google english

  26. thanks a lot!

  27. Here’s how I went about this problem, particularly if you don’t want to be your default home page (as awesome a search engine it is, I prefer as my default): in Firefox, make sure your bookmarks toolbar is activated [Go to View/Toolbars/ and click Bookmarks]. In the address bar type and when the page comes on, save it as an icon by left clicking (anywhere on the page) and drag+drop it onto the Bookmarks toolbar. Now every time you want to get an English-default Google home page, you just click that icon. (I believe this principle works in other browsers, too).

  28. Great tip .. I like Firefox even more

  29. Not to mention you can also remove annoying Firefox’s homepage using this tip. Thank you guys, you are great!

  30. Solved my home page problem in a blink!

  31. Tech Freak says:

    For everyone else who read this site. This also worked for a Firefox Google redirection. Now you can finally set as your home page.

  32. thanks.. this solved annoying local domain redirecton!

  33. finally! is past lol

  34. I was always getting redirected to

    Thank you guys, you saved me a lot of trouble!