How To Keep Your Computer Secure For Free

The antivirus market is huge, lets face it, it’s a pretty easy market to promote, I mean if you have a computer and your connected to the internet, you need to keep your computer secure, obviously if you do things like online banking, online shopping or anything which requires your credit card then you should be worrying about your security. If you just sit on Facebook and do nothing else online, then it’s only your Facebook account at risk, but lets face it, it’s not very nice having your accounts hacked online, it’s even worse if you have your credit card stolen, Paypal account hacked and so on, online security isn’t a joke.

Antivirus companies charge crazy amounts for antivirus software, let’s face it, half of the software is a total rip off, I mean the price they charge for Norton is crazy, considering Norton is quite possibly the worst antivirus out there, yet it’s one of the largest, because it’s a easy market to sell their product too, like I said, every internet user needs a antivirus and Norton seem to do a good job at promoting their products, but you don’t have too pay for antivirus software, in this article I’m going to show you How To Keep Your Computer Secure For Free

When it comes down to the free antivirus world, there are two main applications you can go with, the first is Avast and the second is AVG, now don’t get me wrong, both companies also have paid antivirus software, which is obviously better then the free versions, but the free versions still work and to be honest, these free antivirus’s are better then Norton, that says a lot about how good Norton really is.

Now you really want to be protecting your computer with more then just a antivirus, this is something which you don’t see paid antivirus companies do very often, you really want to be using a antivirus to protect you from virus’s, that’s obvious. You also want to be using a Firewall, which basically monitors the incoming/outgoing connections on your computer, for example if a virus was to infect you, it needs to connect (Using an outgoing connection) to a server to send information, this is of course usually to do with Spyware, as they need to send the information they’ve gathered somewhere.

The idea behind a firewall, if the virus cannot send out the data, which would then by read by the person spreading the virus, then you can’t be hacked, because they won’t receive the information, because your Firewall is blocking the virus from sending it out, so even if your antivirus does fail at detecting the virus, your Firewall is still there to protect you.

Similar to the free antivirus’s, there are two main applications for Free Firewalls as there and they are, Comodo Firewall and Zonealarm Firewall, both are free and just like the antivirus’s, they both also have paid versions, which of course will give you improved security, but using the free versions will still keep your computer secure.

I’m not going to tell you which software to use, it’s up to you, take a look at your options and give them a go, you should only use one antivirus and one firewall at a time, so don’t go installing all 4 applications thinking it’ll keep your computer even more secure, it doesn’t work like that and will only cause you headaches.

And that is it, you now know how to keep your computer secure for free, there really isn’t much need to pay for this kind of software, because they will always be free versions out there, by all means pay for a antivirus and a firewall if you want too, but not everyone can afford to cough up money for protection online, now you can save some cash and protect your computer for free!


  1. I suggest Microsoft Security Essentials. It’s rellay lightweight. I don’t think any anti-virus program would slow down a modern gaming PC.Maybe if you were playing a game and running a full anti-virus scan of your hard drive at the same time. Does anyone actually do that?

  2. When one tech company makes sihetmong that works well that people respond well to, like sihetmong as simple as being able to resize the thumbnails of pictures inside of a folder, then it is more or less imperative that others jump on board and do sihetmong similar to keep with the competition. OSX and Windows feed off of each other, and both take ideas of Linux/Unix/BSD. You don’t say that Microsoft has taken every single thing in their OS from OSX, but that is what you’re implying. They didn’t.


    i would like my computer to be free so nobody can hack into it and be secure and for free