Keeping your chat logs safe with Encryption

Just about everyone today uses chat programs for either personal conversations or to exchange business information. Many people don’t even give it a second thought, but the fact is that almost all the most popular chat programs are unencrypted. This means that if a hacker were to intercept a conversation, or gain access to the chat archives they could just read right through the entire conversation. This could be potentially embarrassing for some people, or devastating to a business if the wrong type of information was intercepted. [Read more…]

Block Friends from The Facebook Chat

Would you like to block annoying Facebook friends from the Facebook chat and have no idea how to do it? Here is an easy way to block so-called friends.

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Stop Facebook Chat “Download a Sound File” Popups

Does your browser download a sound file every time you get a message on the face book chat. There is a very simple fix from your browser that could prevent this from happening again. The first step is to go on and login.
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