Fix Far Cry 3 Unusual Low FPS with nVidia

Due to poor optimization and driver difficulties users with dual GPU solutions are having problems achieving solid frame rates on a variety of hardware. If you are running a SLI setup and are experiencing strong hiccups during gameplay this quick but effective step-by-step fix might just solve all your problems without tinkering with any of the more advanced setup…

Step 1) Obtain and install nVidia Inspector from a trust-worthy website or use the one provided by Guru3D.

Step 2) Run the application and go into Profile Settings by pressing the button marked on the picture

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How to handle hitches while downgrading from Vista to XP

Most new laptops or desktops sold these days come with preinstalled Windows Vista. Vista is not one of the most user friendly operating systems but if we’re looking at downgrading from Vista to Windows XP that’s not as easy as it should be either.

Windows Vista Preinstalled
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