How to Downgrade from New Windows Live Messenger to MSN?

Windows Live Messenger has come to its latest version which is the 2011 version. Of course, Microsoft is trying to offer new features with this latest version of Windows Live Messenger. An example of the new features that this latest messenger application can offer is the capability of appearing online to only certain people as desired by the user and appearing offline to the rest of the contacts. However, besides some of the new features that prove to be quite useful, there are also quite a few alterations in the application and some of these alterations may simply be inconvenient enough for some users. For example, there is no longer the option to show user’s webcam. It is replaced by a button to start a video call instead. With some features being less convenient, some users may want to revert their Windows Live Messenger 2011 to the older 2009 version.

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Simply remove old MSN Windows Messenger

Do you want to remove an old Windows Messenger, known as MSN from your computer? Here is the way to uninstall built-in Messenger that automatically installs with Windows itself.

MSN Messenger
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