Firefox – Fix Missing Extensions (Add-ons)

You no longer see installed extensions, known as add-ons in your latest version of Firefox.

To fix this annoying issue, follow those steps:

    1. Close Firefox.
    1. Click on Windows button + R.


  • When run appears enter:  %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\



  • Navigate to the profile.
  • First create a backup of extension.ini and extension.sqlite.
  • Now permanently delete extension.ini and extension.sqlite.
  • Restart your Firfox browser.


Firefox Addons Manager should now be restored and working.


  1. #BLURREDLINES says:


  2. Thanks. That works.

  3. sonja blackman says:

    Problem not working windows live .com for fix .exe .com

  4. And I was wondering why my addons are not appearing. Ah, I thought I don’t know how to display them. Thanks Fixy, this fix worked well ;)

  5. I also can’t see my pre-installed extentions/addons anymore, since I updated the browser.

    I am going to try your tip now..

  6. Thank you so much! Addons are not showing up!! :)