Firefox – Fix Missing Extensions (Add-ons)

You no longer see installed extensions, known as add-ons in your latest version of Firefox.
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Fix Crashing Firefox 4 or Newer

Firefox is one of the most favorable web browsers among a mass crowd of computer users in existence these days. There are various benefits, such as the plug-ins, that help enhance web browsing experience for computer users all over the world. However, unfortunately, just like most of other applications, Firefox 4 is yet not a perfectly programmed application either. At times, it may hang due to a wide variety of factors. So, what are the factors and how to solve crashing Firefox ?

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How To Fix Website Loading Time and Speed Up Firefox

Everyone wants web sites and web pages to load faster, there really isn’t anything more time wasting then waiting for a web site to load up, it really comes down to three main factors, your web browser, your internet connection and the server the website your trying to load. Obviously if you’ve got a crappy web browser, like IE6, then it’s going to take longer to load then say you were using Firefox, if you have a better internet connection, then you’ll be able to load websites better and if the website is hosted on a decent server, it’ll load faster.

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Can you open Hotmail in Firefox browser?

If you are using Firefox browser, most probably you might be facing difficulty while opening Hotmail inbox. Due to this problem, I started using Google Chrome in combination with Mozilla Firefox. Hotmail email opens neatly in Google Chrome. Actually, it is a known issue in Firefox 3.10.
Hotmail in Firefox
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Recover saved passwords from FireFox

Would you like to recover forgotten password for a site or forum. We will show you how to recover saved passwords from Mozilla’s Firefox. [Read more…]