YouTube is Loading Slow – It’s Time to Speed Up!

YouTube has been really slow for the last few weeks, some people say months. It takes ages before you can play a video, all you see is endless loading and very slow buffering. Let’s presume you don’t have a dial-up connection. If you do, it’s very advisable not to run videos in a high quality (HQ) or high definition (HD).

Slow YouTube
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How Can a Registry Cleaner Speed Up Your Computer?

What Is A Registry Cleaner?

To be simple a registry cleaner is a piece of software that you install on your computer to clean your registry – this is obvious!  The registry on your computer is like a giant database which stores all of your Windows operating system information. Some common information that is stored in the registry is your basic computer information: where you’re background on the computer is saved, how big your screen resolution is, what type of computer hardware you’re using, what type of software you’re using, and many, many others. To get even more detailed into what the registry holds we’re going to get a little technical, so bear with us here; we’ll help you along.

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ReadyBoost for improved performance in Windows vista

You might have heard about the concept of adding extra and additional RAMimprove the performance of computers. A relatively new introduction to this concept is the idea of Windows his connection was given to this cyst by the manufacturers of ReadyBoost. This is meant for Windows Vista and has been launched by Microsoft.

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