Installing Windows 7 via USB

After reading the excellent reviews about Windows 7, I wanted to upgrade my Windows XP computer to Windows 7. There was one problem though. My computer does not have an optical drive. I was determined to go around the problem and I did. I discovered a way to install Windows 7 via USB. The install times were greatly reduced. [Read more…]

Fix Runtime Error

When you use Internet Explorer it is quite likely that you would have come across common error messages which notifies the user of a runtime error saying “this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way”.
Runtime Error
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Troubleshooting Sound Problems of Your PC

We all have a common problem related to our personal computers, which is “My computer does not have any sound“. This is a very common issue, which has hardware, or software related issues that you need to check to trouble shoot this issue. First, you must ensure that your sound system is receiving power.
No sound working
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Fix and Restore Corrupted Folder Options Advanced Settings

Windows is prone to attack by viruses which work by disabling most of the significant utilities and create a lot of trouble for the users. Mostly the viruses originating from Indonesia are the real culprit.
Folder Options
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Remove the Send Feedback Link from the Title Bar in Windows 7

In Windows 7, when you open a window you get a Send Feedback link appearing in the Title Bar. This might be annoying if you are regularly opening multiple windows. Here’s how to get rid of it in beta or RC version of Windows 7.
Send Feedback in Windows 7
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How to Create a Shortcut Menu for Safely Removing Hardware

How many times you have corrupted your drives just because of not using the option ‘Safely remove hardware’. I am sure a couple of times at least. If you work regularly with USB drives and are not using this option then it is time you pull up your socks.
Safely Remove Hardware
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How to uninstall or remove Windows Defender in Vista

Windows Defender is an anti-spyware product from Microsoft which prevents and removes spyware in Microsoft Windows. It was originally known as Microsoft Anti Spyware. It is available for free download for Windows XP which it is enabled by default in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows Defender Vista
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Display “My Computer” icon on the desktop

Windows default My Computer icon is not displaying on the desktop. We will present you quick and easy methods to make it appear.
My Computer Icon
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Fix missing tabs and menu options in Windows Task Manager

There would have surely been instances when while opening or running Task manager you’d notice that the task manager top-level menu bar and tabs would not be visible i.e. they would be missing. To fix this issue follow the instructions below.
Windows Task Manager
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Uninstall programs that do not appear in the add or remove

It hardly takes us time to install a program but at the same time when it comes to uninstalling these same programs we could come across a whole range of problems right from the program not being visible in the add or remove program options or there being no uninstall tool available to remove the same.
Add or Remove Programs
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Fix show hidden files and folders problem

The most exasperating experience we can ever go through is when our computer crashes or causes trouble due to virus. These trojans can actually hide themselves into the system and cause trouble enough to disable our windows task manager, registry editor, folder options and the show hidden files and folders option.
Hidden Folders
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ReadyBoost for improved performance in Windows vista

You might have heard about the concept of adding extra and additional RAMimprove the performance of computers. A relatively new introduction to this concept is the idea of Windows his connection was given to this cyst by the manufacturers of ReadyBoost. This is meant for Windows Vista and has been launched by Microsoft.

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