How to Fix 4 Common Google Chrome Errors

Although Google Chrome is a fast and efficient browser, it’s a constant work in progress, so it isn’t perfect. The following tips will help you fix the 4 of the most common Google Chrome errors:

Five Free Ways to Improve PC Performance

PC performance can be affected by a plethora of factors, which is why it is important to take a multifaceted approach to computer repair and optimization. Unfortunately, many computer users resort to

Fix Crashing Firefox 4 or Newer

Firefox is one of the most favorable web browsers among a mass crowd of computer users in existence these days. There are various benefits, such as the plug-ins, that help enhance web browsing

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XcomTools is newest and probably not the latest registry fix and repair tool on the market of many registry cleaners and fixers. Registry software applications are mostly promoted as cure-everything

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Windows Live Messenger has come to its latest version which is the 2011 version. Of course, Microsoft is trying to offer new features with this latest version of Windows Live Messenger. An example of

How to Solve Error Code 0x80004005 While Unzipping

Zipping -- or compressing -- and the best choice to unzipping  -- or extracting -- files have become some of the most inevitable things to do in the computer world. The main reason why computer users

Best Way To Remove The Antivirus AntiSpyware 2011 Virus

Antivirus AntiSpyware 2011 Virus

The Antivirus AntiSpyware 2011 virus is a rouge antivirus, it's a fake antivirus virus in other words, it pretends to be a application designed to keep your computer secure and safe, when really it's

How To Burn A ISO File With Windows 7

A ISO file is basically a archive file, it's also known as cd/dvd/disc images, it's basically the same concept as .rar files, you can compress them all into a ISO and then burn it to a disc, there are

How To Keep Your Computer Secure For Free

The antivirus market is huge, lets face it, it's a pretty easy market to promote, I mean if you have a computer and your connected to the internet, you need to keep your computer secure, obviously if

How To Fix Website Loading Time and Speed Up Firefox

Everyone wants web sites and web pages to load faster, there really isn't anything more time wasting then waiting for a web site to load up, it really comes down to three main factors, your web

Laptop Battery Not Charging

I was working on my laptop via the power supply. I decided to go work in front of the TV and disconnected the power cord. After 30 minutes, I received a battery low error so I decided to charge the

Get Access to Hidden Windows 7 Settings

The Windows 7 “Win7GodMode” is a term dubbed by the Microsoft team as a single point of access to make any alterations on your computer. This ranges from the Action Center to Windows update. The com